Wix – The Most Trusted Website Builder

Wix – The Most Trusted Website Builder

What is Wix?

Wix is a cloud-based service which lets you design and construct your own site or internet shop without needing to understand how to code. You Don’t need to be concerned about buying web hosting or installing software everywhere — the idea is that pretty much everything you need to develop and run your website is supplied ‘out of the box’, also occurs online. You simply build and manage your own website at a web browser, through the Wix website.

Wix was founded in Israel in 2006, and is among the bigger website building businesses, with 3,000 employees. There are currently around 3.8 million live websites using Wix. Together with its Headquarters in Israel, Wix also has offices in Canada, Brazil, Germany, India, Ireland, Lithuania, the United States, along with the Ukraine.

Wix Pricing

· Wix provides several pricing programs including its most popular Unlimited Plan.

· Annual subscriptions cost roughly 25% less per month and also unlike monthly programs comprise 1 year domain registry and coupons

· Wix’s Premium Plans are well structured and vary from $14 connect domain name to $500+ VIP each year on a yearly basis.

· G Suite packages are offered for $6.5 per user per month.

· Upgrading your plan, as the company scales is always possible.

· Wix delivers a totally free plan that comes with a branded strip in the bottom of the page.

Wix templates

· This is much greater than key rival Squarespace, which offers around 100, and each one the Wix templates are all free, which isn’t true with internet store builders.

· The templates look professional and are appealing — so long as you populate them carefully, Wix sites certainly don’t need to look like a do-it-yourself creation. The templates make good use of spacing and typefaces to create effect, and are particularly effective when used with high-quality photos.


Wix ADI is useable by anybody, no matter how it creates your website by requesting some fundamental questions and collecting whatever information is available by an online search of your business.

For absolute website design novices, who simply need something easy, it is most likely the best version of Wix to use.

Wix Editor

Wix Editor is the ‘normal’ version of Wix, and offers you much more control over the design and characteristics of your site than ADI.

Corvid by Wix

Lets you make database collections. If this sounds scary and not at all like something would you ever want to do, then instead consider Data Collections as spreadsheets.

Corvid lets you create a spreadsheet, and then create a lot of web pages using a template populated with data in the spreadsheet. Additionally, it lets you include javascript, Application Program Interfaces (APIs), and custom page behaviours. Corvid is definitely on the technical end of the range — but even if you never use it opens up chances in the event you decide to hire a web developer farther down the line.


When using Wix, I had been able to find answers to almost everything I desired to understand by searching in Wix’s Help Centre, which contains a large library of articles and good search functionality. There’s also excellent contextual help provided through the website.

If you can’t find what you have to have in the Help Centre, and then you can contact support by clicking ‘No’ in response to ‘Can this answer your question?’ At the bottom of each support webpage. Concerning the kind of Support that’s available from Wix, the company provides support over the telephone and via email, but there is no live chat. Phone assistance is Available 24/7 for English-language users; or office hours, Monday-Friday from French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Portuguese. You will need to request a callback, which means that you don’t need to wait on hold.

You can also submit an Email ticket. Wix doesn’t commit to a deadline for answering these, simply promising to get back to you’as soon as possible’. As soon as I submitted a question, a member of the Wix support team got back to me in the onset of the next weekday.

Wix Advantages

It’s easy to use.

It’s reasonably priced.

A large range of templates is provided (500+), which are of a high caliber and characteristic useful sample content.

A built-in email marketing tool is provided in Wix, and it has surprisingly great value also.

Wix includes a wide selection of professionally-shot photographs for use on your website.

Phone support is available, which isn’t the case with many other top site building tools.

The’ADI’ version of Wix is very easy to use and well suited to web site design novices.

A reasonably well-stocked program store is available to beef up the performance of your shop.

A totally free version can be obtained.

Wix Disadvantages

You can’t apply an additional template to your site after you’ve built it.

You can’t produce a GDPR cookie consent banner ad for Wix without resorting to some third-party tool.

You can’t export digital products.

You can’t export site articles.

Multi-currency selling is not feasible.


Wix is so amazing in its main line of work and that is website hosting and building for non-technical customers. It provides easy-to-use tools to novices, letting them create amazing websites in virtually no time in any way. They offer so much even if you simply have a free account.

If you are contemplating to start your very first website, we strongly recommend picking Wix.com. It will give you all the needed tools and the port will make you feel as a professional. Everything will go easily, and effortlessly, and before you know it, your beautiful website will be up and running. And if you find the complimentary Account missing, you can update it at any stage, depending on what you need. Wix lacks innovative Features, but it really doesn’t require it. It’s meant for producing simple but Beautiful and productive sites, and it does just that. Nothing more, nothing less.