Three killed in fresh violence in Manipur.

Three killed in fresh violence in Manipur - The Hindu

Tragedy struck in Manipur’s Bishnupur district as three individuals, including a father-son pair, fell victim to an act of violence carried out by militants. The incident occurred during the late hours of August 4. According to the Manipur police, the victims were attacked while they were sleeping, and subsequently, they were brutally assaulted with swords. The heart-wrenching incident took place in the area of Kwakta.

The police shared that the assailants responsible for the attack had come from Churachandpur. The incident has left the local community in shock and grief as the authorities investigate the circumstances surrounding this unfortunate event.

Contiki: Unleash Your Adventurous Spirit with Unforgettable Group Travel.

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For young adventurers seeking to explore the world, forge new connections, and create lasting memories, Contiki stands as a pioneer in unforgettable group travel experiences. As the leading travel company for 18 to 35-year-olds, Contiki has been redefining the art of group travel for over 60 years. With a passion for adventure, a focus on social experiences, and a commitment to sustainability, Contiki invites young travelers to unleash their adventurous spirit and embark on journeys of a lifetime. In this article, we will delve into the world of Contiki and discover the magic of their unique group travel experiences.

What is Contiki?

Founded in 1962, Contiki revolutionized travel by offering unique tours exclusively for young travelers. The company’s name, “Contiki,” comes from the words “con” (meaning “together”) and “tiki” (a Polynesian symbol of adventure). This reflects their philosophy of bringing young adventurers together for exciting and immersive travel experiences. Over the years, Contiki has evolved into a global travel community, connecting young explorers from all corners of the world.

The Contiki Experience

3.1. Adventurous Spirit

Contiki is all about embracing the adventurous spirit. From exploring iconic landmarks to trying thrilling activities, Contiki’s itineraries are designed to cater to the wanderlust and daring nature of young travelers.

3.2. Social Travel

Contiki places a strong emphasis on social experiences. With small group sizes, like-minded travelers have the opportunity to connect, form friendships, and share unforgettable moments along the journey.

3.3. Experienced Trip Managers

Contiki tours are led by experienced Trip Managers who are experts in the destinations visited. These guides provide local insights, recommendations, and ensure that every traveler has a fantastic experience.

3.4. Sustainable Travel

Contiki is committed to sustainable travel practices. They actively work to minimize their environmental impact, support local communities, and preserve the natural beauty of the places they visit.

3.5. Flexibility and Freedom

Contiki offers flexibility and freedom on their tours. While each itinerary includes must-see highlights, travelers also have the freedom to choose optional activities and independent exploration.

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Contiki Trip Styles

Contiki offers a range of trip styles, each tailored to different travel preferences and interests:

5.1. Discoverer

Discoverer trips are for travelers who want a comprehensive exploration of multiple destinations within a region. These tours offer a well-rounded and immersive experience.

5.2. In-Depth Explorer

In-Depth Explorer trips focus on a specific country or region, providing a deeper understanding of the local culture, history, and natural wonders.

5.3. Independent Insider

Independent Insider trips offer a flexible approach, allowing travelers to explore destinations at their own pace while still benefiting from Contiki’s expert guidance and local support.

5.4. Camping

Camping trips are for adventurers who want to experience the great outdoors and connect with nature. These tours offer unique camping experiences in some of the world’s most breathtaking landscapes.

Why Choose Contiki?

  1. Tailored for Young Travelers: Contiki’s tours are exclusively designed for 18 to 35-year-olds, ensuring a dynamic and fun-filled travel community.
  2. Social and Engaging: Contiki’s emphasis on social experiences fosters connections, lifelong friendships, and memorable shared adventures.
  3. Experienced Trip Managers: Contiki’s Trip Managers bring destinations to life with their expertise, local knowledge, and passion for travel.
  4. Sustainable Travel: Contiki’s commitment to sustainability aligns with the values of environmentally-conscious young travelers.
  5. Flexibility and Independence: Contiki’s trip styles offer flexibility and freedom, allowing travelers to tailor their journey to their interests and preferences.


In conclusion, Contiki empowers young travelers to unleash their adventurous spirit and discover the world in a vibrant and social way. With a legacy of over 60 years, Contiki has perfected the art of creating unforgettable group travel experiences for 18 to 35-year-olds. Whether exploring the wonders of multiple destinations or immersing in the culture of a specific region, Contiki’s diverse trip styles cater to every young adventurer’s desire. So, if you’re ready to embark on an exciting journey filled with camaraderie, new experiences, and the spirit of adventure, Contiki awaits to be your ultimate travel companion.

Beachsafe: Your Guide to Safe and Enjoyable Beach Adventures.

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Australia’s stunning coastline boasts some of the world’s most beautiful and inviting beaches. From pristine sandy shores to crystal-clear waters, these coastal wonders attract millions of beachgoers each year. While beaches offer fantastic opportunities for relaxation and recreation, it is essential to prioritize safety while enjoying the sun, surf, and sand. This is where Beachsafe comes into play. In this article, we will delve into Beachsafe, an essential online resource that provides vital information for beach safety and enjoyment.

What is Beachsafe?

Beachsafe is an initiative by Surf Life Saving Australia, a prominent organization dedicated to promoting beach safety across the country. Launched in 2009, Beachsafe aims to equip beachgoers with essential knowledge about beach conditions, potential hazards, and safety tips. Whether you are a local seeking to explore a new beach or a visitor planning a beach vacation, Beachsafe serves as your go-to guide for a safe and enjoyable beach experience.

The Features of Beachsafe

3.1. Comprehensive Beach Information

Beachsafe offers a comprehensive database of beaches across Australia. With detailed information about each beach, including its facilities, amenities, nearby attractions, and lifeguard availability, users can make informed decisions about where to spend their day by the shore.

3.2. Real-Time Surf and Weather Updates

One of the standout features of Beachsafe is its real-time surf and weather updates. Beachgoers can access the latest information about wave conditions, tide times, and weather forecasts. This information proves invaluable for surfers, swimmers, and families planning beach activities, ensuring they are well-prepared for the conditions.

3.3. Safety Ratings and Hazard Warnings

To prioritize safety, Beachsafe provides safety ratings for each beach, indicating its level of safety in relation to factors such as currents and rips. Additionally, the platform offers hazard warnings for beaches with potentially dangerous conditions, allowing users to exercise caution or consider alternative options.

3.4. Tips and Guidelines

Beachsafe goes beyond providing data; it offers a wealth of tips and guidelines for beach safety. Whether it’s advice on how to identify and escape rips, sun safety tips, or recommendations for supervising children at the beach, Beachsafe covers all aspects of beach safety.

3.5. Community Engagement

Beachsafe encourages community engagement in promoting beach safety. The platform allows users to report hazards, incidents, and feedback on beach conditions. This information is valuable for maintaining accurate and up-to-date beach data, benefiting all beachgoers.

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How to Use Beachsafe

4.1. Search for a Beach

Using Beachsafe is simple and user-friendly. Visit the Beachsafe website or download the Beachsafe mobile app. Enter the name of the beach you wish to visit, or explore beaches in a specific region. The platform will display detailed information about the selected beach.

4.2. Check Surf and Weather Updates

Before heading to the beach, check the surf and weather updates on Beachsafe. This information will help you plan your activities and be aware of any potential hazards.

4.3. Read Safety Tips

Take the time to read the safety tips provided by Beachsafe. Understanding beach safety guidelines and best practices will contribute to a safer and more enjoyable beach experience.

Why Beachsafe is a Must-Have Beach Companion

Beachsafe stands out as an indispensable tool for anyone planning a beach outing in Australia. By offering real-time surf and weather updates, safety ratings, and hazard warnings, the platform empowers beachgoers to make informed decisions and stay safe while having fun. Its emphasis on community engagement fosters a collective effort to ensure the safety of all visitors to Australia’s beautiful beaches.


In conclusion, Beachsafe is a commendable initiative that prioritizes beach safety and enhances the beach experience for everyone. Whether you’re a seasoned beach enthusiast or a first-time visitor, Beachsafe provides the necessary information and guidelines to help you have a safe and enjoyable time at the beach. By staying informed about beach conditions and taking appropriate safety measures, you can create lasting memories and relish the beauty of Australia’s coastal treasures.

Delicious Delights: The Irresistible Story of Chips Ahoy!

Chips Ahoy! Original Chocolate Chip Box, Red & White, 300 g :  Grocery & Gourmet Foods

Chips Ahoy! is not just a cookie; it’s a timeless delight that has captured the hearts and taste buds of cookie lovers since its debut in 1963. Baked and marketed by Nabisco, a proud subsidiary of Mondelez International, Chips Ahoy! has become an iconic American brand synonymous with scrumptious treats. In this article, we’ll delve into the fascinating history of Chips Ahoy!, its journey to success, and the secret recipe that makes it stand out from the crowd.

The Birth of a Classic: Chips Ahoy! Origins

Every legendary brand has a humble beginning, and Chips Ahoy! is no exception. The idea for these mouthwatering chocolate chip cookies sprouted in the creative minds of Nabisco’s master bakers in the early 1960s. They envisioned a cookie that would not only satisfy sweet cravings but also leave a lasting impression on snack enthusiasts everywhere.

Crafting the Perfect Recipe

Creating the perfect chocolate chip cookie was no easy feat. Countless hours were dedicated to finding the ideal balance of ingredients that would result in a cookie with a delightful texture, rich flavor, and, of course, an abundance of chocolate chips in every bite.

After numerous trials and taste tests, the master bakers at Nabisco struck gold. The final recipe combined the finest ingredients, including the highest-quality chocolate chips, ensuring that Chips Ahoy! would stand apart as a cookie worth savoring.

The Debut: Chips Ahoy! Takes the Nation by Storm

In 1963, after meticulous planning and testing, Chips Ahoy! made its grand entrance into the cookie market. The response was overwhelming, with cookie aficionados lining up to get a taste of this delectable creation. From the very beginning, Chips Ahoy! captured the hearts of Americans and quickly became a household name.

A Cookie for Every Occasion

Over the years, Chips Ahoy! has evolved to cater to the diverse tastes of consumers. Today, the brand offers a wide array of flavors and variations, ensuring there’s a Chips Ahoy! cookie for every palate. Whether you prefer the classic Original, the indulgent Chunky, or the chewy Soft Baked, Chips Ahoy! has a delightful option for you.

A Journey of Innovations

Staying true to their commitment to excellence, Nabisco continued to innovate and expand the Chips Ahoy! product line. They introduced exciting limited-edition flavors, collaborated with other brands to create unique partnerships, and even ventured into other delightful treats like ice cream sandwiches and fudge-covered cookies.

Chips Ahoy! in Pop Culture

As Chips Ahoy! soared in popularity, it also became a significant part of American pop culture. The brand’s catchy jingle and memorable commercials ingrained themselves into the minds of consumers, further solidifying Chips Ahoy!’s position as an iconic cookie brand.

A Cookie That Connects Generations

One of the remarkable aspects of Chips Ahoy! is its ability to connect generations. It has become a shared experience, with parents passing down their love for Chips Ahoy! to their children, creating cherished memories around the simple joy of indulging in these delicious cookies.

The Secret Ingredient: Quality

Throughout the decades, one thing has remained constant—the unwavering commitment to quality. Each Chips Ahoy! cookie is crafted with care, using only the finest ingredients and adhering to strict quality standards. This dedication to excellence is what sets Chips Ahoy! apart from its competitors and keeps customers coming back for more.

Chips Ahoy! Goes Global

The delectable taste and widespread acclaim of Chips Ahoy! were not limited to American shores. As its popularity grew, so did its availability in international markets. Today, people all around the world can relish the irresistible charm of Chips Ahoy! cookies.

The Ever-Expanding Digital Presence

With the advent of the internet and social media, Chips Ahoy! seized the opportunity to connect with its loyal fans and reach new audiences. Engaging content, interactive campaigns, and mouthwatering visuals showcased the brand’s playful spirit, creating a strong online community of cookie enthusiasts.

Embracing Sustainability

In recent years, as environmental consciousness grew, Chips Ahoy! demonstrated its dedication to sustainability. From responsibly sourcing ingredients to implementing eco-friendly packaging initiatives, the brand ensures that it contributes positively to the planet while delighting consumers with its scrumptious treats.

The Future of Chips Ahoy!

As the world evolves, so does Chips Ahoy!. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and an appreciation for its timeless legacy, the brand continues to surprise and delight cookie lovers of all ages. From exploring new flavor profiles to incorporating cutting-edge technology, the future of Chips Ahoy! looks brighter than ever.


Chips Ahoy! is more than just a cookie; it’s a cherished piece of Americana that has left an indelible mark on the hearts and taste buds of millions. From its humble origins in the 1960s to its status as a global sensation, Chips Ahoy! remains a beloved treat that connects generations and brings joy to people all over the world. With its commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability, the delectable journey of Chips Ahoy! is set to continue delighting cookie enthusiasts for generations to come. So, the next time you savor a Chips Ahoy! cookie, remember that you are enjoying a piece of history—a history baked to perfection with love, passion, and the finest chocolate chips.

Delicious Delights from Mrs. Fields: The Legacy of a Cookie Empire.

MRS. FIELDS COOKIES, Hong Kong - Shop N8 Central MTR Station Central  District, Central - Restaurant Reviews & Photos - Tripadvisor

Since its inception in the late 1970s by the visionary entrepreneur Debbie Fields, Mrs. Fields Cookies has been a beacon of sweetness, bringing smiles to countless faces. Decades have passed, but the allure of our delectable cookies remains as fresh as the day they were first baked.

The Origins of Mrs. Fields Cookies

The story of Mrs. Fields Cookies begins with the indomitable spirit of Debbie Fields. In her pursuit of the perfect cookie, she embarked on a culinary journey that would revolutionize the world of baked goods. Armed with her passion for baking and a handful of treasured recipes, Debbie started her very first cookie store in Palo Alto, California.

A Taste That Captivated the World

The moment customers stepped into that quaint little store, they were greeted by the enticing aroma of freshly baked cookies. It was an experience that captivated the senses and left a lasting impression. Word of mouth spread like wildfire, and soon, the fame of Mrs. Fields’ cookies extended far beyond the boundaries of Palo Alto.

Expanding the Horizons

With the overwhelming success of her first store, Debbie Fields knew she had something extraordinary in her hands. Driven by ambition and a desire to share her delicious treats with the world, she expanded rapidly. New Mrs. Fields Cookies stores started popping up across the United States, and before long, they reached international shores, delighting cookie enthusiasts globally.

The Secret Ingredient: Love and Dedication

At the heart of every Mrs. Fields cookie is a generous serving of love and dedication. Debbie Fields herself ensured that only the finest, highest-quality ingredients made their way into each batch of dough. Her passion for perfection knew no bounds, and she spent countless hours perfecting each recipe to ensure that every customer received a cookie that was nothing short of extraordinary.

The Mrs. Fields Experience

Walking into a Mrs. Fields Cookies store is like stepping into a wonderland of sweet indulgence. The array of cookies on display is a sight to behold, with each variety more tempting than the last. From classic chocolate chip cookies with a soft, chewy center to oatmeal raisin cookies that evoke a sense of comfort, every bite is a celebration of flavor.

Evolving with the Times

Despite the passing years, Mrs. Fields Cookies has remained a pioneer in the world of baked goods. We understand the importance of staying relevant in a rapidly changing world, and thus, our menu has evolved to accommodate various dietary preferences. Alongside our timeless classics, we offer a range of gluten-free and vegan options, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the magic of Mrs. Fields’ creations.

A Global Community of Cookie Lovers

Mrs. Fields Cookies has achieved more than just culinary excellence; it has built a global community of cookie lovers. Our cookies have become an integral part of celebrations, gatherings, and even quiet moments of self-indulgence. People of all ages, backgrounds, and cultures unite in their love for the unmistakable taste of a Mrs. Fields cookie.

Spreading Joy Through Corporate Gifting

Beyond individual customers, Mrs. Fields Cookies has also become a go-to choice for corporate gifting. The act of gifting is an expression of gratitude, and what better way to convey appreciation than with a box of these delectable treats? Whether it’s to commemorate a business milestone or to extend season’s greetings, our cookies have a unique way of leaving a positive, lasting impression.

Giving Back to the Community

As a brand that has received immense love and support from its customers, Mrs. Fields Cookies believes in giving back to the community. We have initiated various philanthropic endeavors, supporting causes that are close to our hearts. Because just like how each cookie is crafted with love, we believe in spreading love and kindness to those in need.

A Timeless Legacy

In the competitive world of confectioneries, Mrs. Fields Cookies has carved out a timeless legacy. Our commitment to excellence, our dedication to quality, and our passion for spreading joy through delectable cookies have set us apart from the rest. Decades may pass, but the allure of a Mrs. Fields cookie will continue to bring smiles and warm hearts for generations to come.


In a world where trends come and go, Mrs. Fields Cookies has stood the test of time, enchanting taste buds and leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of millions. From humble beginnings to global acclaim, our journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. As we look to the future, we remain committed to baking happiness and creating moments of pure delight, one cookie at a time. So the next time you take a bite of a Mrs. Fields cookie, remember that you’re not just savoring a delicious treat – you’re experiencing a legacy that transcends generations.

The History of America’s Sweetheart: Little Debbie!

Goodbye, Little Debbie: Snack cakes to gradually disappear from commissary  shelves – The Virginian-Pilot


In the heart of the Great Depression, a tale of sweetness and perseverance began with O.D. McKee’s experimental baking endeavors. This article will take you on a journey through the captivating history of America’s beloved treat, Little Debbie.

The Humble Beginnings of Little Debbie

Amidst the economic turmoil of the 1930s, O.D. McKee, driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, sought to create something delightful that could brighten people’s lives. He ventured into the world of baking and started experimenting with various recipes in his small bakery. The goal was to create a delicious and affordable snack that could lift the spirits of those struggling through the challenging times of the Great Depression.

Inception and Naming

After numerous trials and errors, McKee finally crafted a line of snack cakes that had the perfect combination of taste and affordability. It was time to give his creation an identity that would resonate with the masses. Inspired by the image of his young granddaughter, Debbie, he decided to name the brand “Little Debbie” as a tribute to her cherubic charm.

The First Little Debbie Treats

In 1960, after several years of hard work and refining the recipes, McKee’s dream finally came to fruition. The first-ever Little Debbie snack cakes hit the market, winning the hearts of consumers with their delightful taste and budget-friendly prices. The initial product line included the crowd-favorite “Oatmeal Creme Pies” and the delectable “Fudge Rounds.”

Rising Popularity and Expansion

As word spread about the scrumptious treats offered by Little Debbie, the brand’s popularity soared. With their commitment to quality and affordability, the snack cakes soon became a household staple across the United States. The positive response from customers encouraged the McKee family to expand their operations and introduce more delectable treats to the market.

Little Debbie’s Iconic Logo and Packaging

One of the key factors behind Little Debbie’s success is its iconic logo and packaging. The logo features the adorable image of Little Debbie herself, radiating warmth and happiness. The inviting smile and welcoming aura of the logo make it easy for customers to connect with the brand on a personal level.

The packaging design also plays a vital role in the brand’s appeal. The charming boxes adorned with the Little Debbie logo protect the cakes while showcasing the delightful imagery that immediately catches the eye of potential buyers. It’s no wonder that these cakes often find their way into shopping carts during routine grocery trips.

A Variety of Tempting Treats

As Little Debbie’s popularity soared, the brand expanded its product line to cater to diverse taste preferences. The company introduced an array of tempting treats, ensuring there was something for everyone. From irresistible Swiss Rolls to mouthwatering Nutty Bars and delightful Zebra Cakes, Little Debbie created a lineup that has something to satisfy every sweet craving.

Little Debbie’s Impact on American Culture

Over the years, Little Debbie has become more than just a snack brand; it has woven itself into the fabric of American culture. The treats have been a constant companion in lunchboxes, picnics, and family gatherings. The brand’s comforting presence in times of celebration or consolation has earned it a special place in the hearts of millions.

Embracing Modernity and Health-consciousness

As society’s focus shifted towards health and wellness, Little Debbie embraced the challenge of meeting the demands of health-conscious consumers. The brand introduced healthier alternatives, such as low-sugar and whole-grain options, without compromising on taste. This strategic move allowed Little Debbie to remain relevant in an evolving market while staying true to its core values.

Little Debbie’s Social Impact

Apart from delighting taste buds, Little Debbie has also been committed to giving back to the community. The company has actively supported various charitable causes, uplifting lives and making a positive difference in society. Their philanthropic endeavors have further strengthened the emotional bond between the brand and its loyal consumers.


Little Debbie’s journey from a humble bakery experiment during the Great Depression to becoming a cherished icon in American culture is nothing short of inspiring. With its delectable treats and warm-hearted approach, Little Debbie continues to hold a special place in the hearts of generations past, present, and those yet to come. As we savor the sweetness of every Little Debbie snack, we are reminded of the enduring power of perseverance, love, and the simple joys that make life a little sweeter.