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Australia and New Zealand are renowned for their stunning landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and unique wildlife. For travelers seeking to uncover the beauty of these extraordinary destinations with expert guidance, AAT Kings offers unforgettable guided tours. As the leading tour operator in Australia and New Zealand, AAT Kings has been showcasing the best of these lands for over 100 years. With a passion for creating remarkable travel experiences and a commitment to sustainability, AAT Kings invites you to embark on an immersive journey of discovery. In this article, we will explore the world of AAT Kings and their exceptional guided tours.

What is AAT Kings?

Founded in 1912, AAT Kings is one of the most experienced and trusted tour operators in Australia and New Zealand. The company’s name, AAT, stands for “Australian Adventure Tours,” reflecting its legacy of providing unparalleled travel experiences in the region. With a diverse range of tours, AAT Kings caters to travelers of all interests and preferences, ensuring an enriching and memorable exploration of Australia and New Zealand.

The AAT Kings Difference

3.1. Expert Guided Tours

AAT Kings’ guided tours are led by passionate and knowledgeable Travel Directors who showcase the best of each destination. Their expertise and storytelling bring the history, culture, and natural wonders of Australia and New Zealand to life.

3.2. Immersive Experiences

AAT Kings’ itineraries are thoughtfully designed to offer immersive experiences that go beyond the typical tourist attractions. Travelers have the opportunity to connect with the local culture, meet friendly locals, and enjoy authentic encounters.

3.3. Sustainable Travel

AAT Kings is committed to sustainable tourism practices. They aim to minimize their environmental impact and support local communities to preserve the natural beauty and cultural heritage of the regions they visit.

3.4. Comfortable Travel

AAT Kings provides comfortable and modern coaches, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable travel experience. With panoramic windows, air-conditioning, and ample legroom, travelers can relax and take in the breathtaking views.

3.5. All-Inclusive Tours

AAT Kings’ tours are all-inclusive, covering accommodations, most meals, and a wide range of sightseeing activities. This comprehensive approach allows travelers to focus on exploration and making memories.

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AAT Kings Tour Styles

AAT Kings offers a diverse range of tour styles, each tailored to different interests and travel preferences:

5.1. First Choice Guided Holidays

First Choice Guided Holidays are AAT Kings’ premier tours, offering exceptional inclusions and immersive experiences. Travelers can enjoy premium accommodations and exclusive activities.

5.2. Best Buys Guided Holidays

Best Buys Guided Holidays provide excellent value for travelers seeking an affordable yet comprehensive exploration of Australia and New Zealand. These tours cover key highlights and experiences.

5.3. Inspiring Journeys

Inspiring Journeys offer intimate and small-group tours, providing a deeper connection to the destinations visited. These tours focus on unique experiences and breathtaking landscapes.

5.4. Short Breaks

Short Breaks are perfect for those with limited time. These tours offer quick getaways to iconic destinations, providing a taste of the region’s beauty and culture.

Why Choose AAT Kings?

  1. Expert Guidance: AAT Kings’ experienced Travel Directors offer valuable insights and storytelling, enhancing the travel experience.
  2. Immersive Experiences: AAT Kings’ itineraries include authentic encounters with local culture and unique experiences.
  3. Sustainable Travel: AAT Kings is dedicated to preserving the natural and cultural heritage of Australia and New Zealand.
  4. Comfort and Convenience: AAT Kings provides modern coaches and all-inclusive tours, ensuring a comfortable and stress-free journey.
  5. Legacy of Excellence: With over 100 years of experience, AAT Kings has a long-standing legacy of delivering exceptional guided tours.


In conclusion, AAT Kings invites you to embark on an unforgettable journey through the captivating landscapes and cultural wonders of Australia and New Zealand. With expert guidance, immersive experiences, and a commitment to sustainability, AAT Kings ensures that every traveler’s exploration is enriched with remarkable memories. Whether you’re seeking a premier experience or an affordable adventure, AAT Kings’ guided tours cater to diverse interests and preferences. So, if you dream of discovering the beauty of Australia and New Zealand, AAT Kings is your gateway to a truly memorable travel experience.