ASCI's new charity norms ask crowdsourcing platforms to disclose fees - The  Hindu

The Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) has unveiled new guidelines for advertisements related to charitable causes, particularly those on crowdsourcing platforms. These guidelines aim to enhance transparency, ethical standards, and sensitivity in the promotion of charitable initiatives.

Under the new norms, crowdsourcing platforms are mandated to disclose the fees charged by them when soliciting donations for charitable purposes. This move is aimed at ensuring transparency in financial transactions and enabling donors to have a clear understanding of how their contributions are being utilized.

Additionally, the ASCI emphasizes that advertisers must refrain from using graphic images of victims in distress, especially children and minors. This provision is in place to maintain ethical standards and to avoid exploiting vulnerable individuals for promotional purposes.

The ASCI’s new guidelines reflect the organization’s commitment to responsible advertising practices, particularly in the context of charitable endeavors. By setting forth rules for transparency, ethical messaging, and sensitivity, the ASCI aims to foster an environment of trust between donors, advertisers, and charitable causes.

These guidelines represent a significant step forward in aligning advertising practices with ethical considerations, ensuring that advertising serves as a positive force for social change and impact.