Air India, CFM finalise order for engines for 400 planes | Deccan Herald

Air India and CFM International have successfully concluded an order agreement for LEAP engines, marking a significant milestone in the carrier’s fleet expansion plans. The engines will be deployed to power Air India’s new fleet of 400 narrow-body aircraft, consisting of 210 Airbus A320/A321 neo and 190 Boeing 737 MAX family aircraft.

This engine order represents a pivotal step in Air India’s strategic efforts to enhance its fleet capabilities and efficiency. The LEAP engines, known for their advanced technology and fuel efficiency, will contribute to optimizing the performance of the airline’s aircraft while also complying with environmental standards.

Campbell Wilson, CEO and MD of Air India, expressed his enthusiasm regarding the partnership with CFM International and the impact this engine order will have on the airline’s future development. The successful finalization of this significant deal signifies the commitment of both Air India and CFM International to fostering growth and innovation within the aviation industry.

As Air India continues to modernize its fleet and expand its operations, the collaboration with CFM International demonstrates the airline’s dedication to providing enhanced services to its passengers and maintaining its competitive position in the market. The deployment of LEAP engines underscores Air India’s commitment to sustainability, efficiency, and cutting-edge technology in its pursuit of delivering exceptional travel experiences to its customers.