DGCA approves Go First's flight resumption plan with certain conditions

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has granted approval to Go First’s proposed plan to recommence its operations. The airline’s plan involves the operation of 15 aircraft, offering a total of 114 daily flights. However, the approval comes with certain conditions that Go First needs to adhere to.

Budget airline Go First had temporarily suspended its flight operations on May 3, as it entered into an insolvency resolution process. The DGCA’s decision to accept Go First’s resumption plan marks a significant step in the airline’s efforts to resume its services and gradually recover from the challenges it faced.

The regulatory approval underscores the importance of ensuring safety and compliance in the aviation industry. The DGCA’s review and acceptance of Go First’s plan for flight resumption emphasize the regulator’s commitment to upholding standards and protocols that guarantee the safety and well-being of passengers and crew members.

Go First’s return to the skies with a carefully outlined plan and adherence to regulatory requirements demonstrates the airline’s determination to rebuild its operations and regain the trust of its customers. As the aviation industry continues to recover from the impacts of the pandemic and other challenges, the approval of flight resumption plans is a positive development that contributes to the gradual restoration of normalcy in air travel.