Nowadays, Virtual Private Network (VPN) has become an important thing for all the online businesses. It actually offers a secure connection to another network via Internet. If you want to access region-restricted online websites, then VPN is a great tool to help you with it. In fact, one can protect his browsing history from the public Wi-Fi connection, without getting in the eyes of others. Although, one can find out multiple VPN services online, but when it comes to choosing the most reliable and credible VPN service, then NordVPN comes in the front. If you are looking for high speed, tough security with great reliability? Well, then there could be nothing better than NordVPN for you. It is an ultimate VPN in the world with some excellent features. With NordVPN you can work online with zero chances of any security concerns.

However, before trusting NordVPN completely you can simply go for a free trial option. Although NordVPN does not provide any free trial but what if you could get better than that? A money guarantee after 30days. This is a far better option than a free trial without any risks. Here, if one doesn’t like the service, then you can easily cancel your subscription without any strings attached and asked for an instant refund. It’s so transparent, easy, and risk-free, unlike other VPN service providers.

Here is a quick guide to the free trial for NordVPN:

  • Firstly go to the NordVPN website and look out for the start now key. It will lead to a subscription page.
  • The next thing you need to do is build an account. If you seek added privacy then payment can be done through cryptocurrency.
  • You will get a mail with a download option for the app.
  • After getting the download process complete, you have to finish the installation process. Later, click on the launch NordVPN button and log in.
  • This step is important, you need to discover a server or you can click on a quick connect option. It will allow VPN to search for a suitable server for you.
  • Voila! You get to enjoy your 30 days hustle free trial. Just in case, you plan out to cancel the subscription then keep reading.
  • Through live chat on NordVPN, you will get a refund. Provide all the necessary details to the agent on what’s the reason behind canceling the subscription.
  • Considering the refund process, you will get your refund within 5-10 business days.

What is a better option free trial or money-back guarantee?

There is nothing similar about both of these options. But let’s face it money-back guarantee is far better than a free trial. Free trials are limited and you won’t be able to judge anything. Also, there are many restrictions like restricted server count, speed, etc.

On the other hand, with a money-back guarantee, you have the full right to use NordVPN’s premium plan for a complete 30 days. Honestly, what could be better than this for you? You can operate NordVPN every feature, can access every website you want, relish serves all across the globe with great speed.

You can go through NordVPN benefits for 30 days with a money-back guarantee. It helps you to discover loads of features without compromising your security and safety online. During the trial period, you can enjoy all the features without any restrictions.

Reasons to choose NordVPN

Apart from getting a 30days trail, there are many more NordVPN features which you can get benefitted from. Here some outstanding features of NordVPN which will force you to have hands-on it:

It is highly compatible with Android, Apple TV, Chromebook, iOS, and routers. You don’t have to struggle in any way while using it.
It can connect up to 6 simultaneous networks which no other VPN can do.
It has 256-bit AES encryption along with a kill switch which is automatic. Your data remains completely safe from hackers.
NordVPN has around 5390 plus servers in about 59 countries. You get benefitted from most of the world’s content to kill your boredom.

There is also a zero-logging policy by NordVPN. Thus, you can enjoy instant entry into it round the clock.
NordVPN works with Disney+, Fox, Netflix, BBC, Hotstar, etc. Thus, one can have round the clock entertainment without facing any technical glitch.


Why prefer NordVPN’s Money-back guarantee?
Today, free VPN services are very risky as they don’t offer much security to avoid operational costs. They also run 3rd party advertisements to sell users data. However, NordVPN offers a highly safe and secure VPN service with unlimited data, bandwidth, and speed, and with an incredible option of the money-back guarantee.

Can it be used on smart home devices?
Yes, it is compatible with most of the smart home devices, and routers. In fact, it also comes with a user-friendly installation kit which has a detailed tutorial for almost every smart home device, and router.


To summarize this NordVPN review, you can deeply know about NordVPN features and NordVPN benefits within 30days. It is a very low risk plus you will not have any limits while using a VPN. It offers risk-free VPN service with unlimited data, bandwidth, and speeds to you’re your surfing and browsing joyful. And with tempting offers and discounts round the year, it keeps on surprising you. Therefore, this deal is a great option which you cannot miss