Secret Escape Overview

Secret Escapes is a travel and lifestyle website that offers exclusive deals and discounts on luxury hotels and vacations. The platform provides its members with access to hand-picked offers for high-end accommodations and travel experiences at reduced prices.

Here’s an overview of Secret Escapes:

  • Exclusive Offers: Secret Escapes specializes in curating exclusive offers for its members, featuring luxury hotels, resorts, and travel packages at discounted rates. These deals are often not available through other booking platforms.
  • Membership-Based: Access to Secret Escapes is typically restricted to members. Users need to sign up for a free account to view and book the offers. This membership model helps ensure that the deals remain exclusive.
  • Luxury Travel: Secret Escapes primarily focuses on luxury and boutique accommodations, offering travelers the opportunity to stay at high-end properties around the world without breaking the bank.

How to use Secret Escape ?

Using Secret Escapes is straightforward, and it’s a great way to access exclusive deals on luxury hotels and vacations. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use Secret Escapes:

  • Create an Account:
  • Visit the Secret Escapes website at
    • Sign up for a free account if you’re not already a member. You’ll need to provide your email address and create a password.
  • Browse the Offers:
  • After logging in, you’ll have access to the exclusive deals. Start by browsing the offers available on the platform.
    • You can search for deals by destination, hotel name, or browse the featured deals on the homepage.
  • View Deal Details:
  • Click on a deal that interests you to view more details. This will provide information about the hotel or vacation package, including pricing, available dates, and what’s included in the offer.
  • Check Availability:
  • If the deal meets your preferences, click the “Check Availability” or “Book Now” button. This will typically take you to a page where you can choose your travel dates.
  • Select Travel Dates:
  • Choose your desired travel dates and the number of guests (e.g., adults and children) for the reservation. Be sure to review the terms and conditions, including cancellation policies.
  • Make a Reservation:
  • After selecting your travel dates, you can proceed to make a reservation. You’ll need to provide payment information to secure the booking.
  • Confirmation and Payment:
  • Review your reservation details, including the total cost, before confirming the booking. Ensure that all information is correct.
    • Make the payment through the Secret Escapes website. They typically offer secure payment options.
  • Receive Booking Confirmation:
  • Once your payment is successful, you should receive a booking confirmation via email. This confirmation will include all the necessary details about your reservation.
  • Contact Customer Support (If Needed):
  • If you have any questions or need assistance with your booking, Secret Escapes usually provides customer support that you can reach out to for help.
  • Enjoy Your Trip:
  • Pack your bags and prepare for your luxury vacation! Remember to bring your booking confirmation and any necessary identification to the hotel or resort.

Secret Escape Customer Services

  • Website Support:
  • The Secret Escapes website typically provides a “Contact Us” or “Help Center” section where you can find answers to common questions and access various support resources.
  • Email:
  • You can send an email to the customer service team at a dedicated email address provided on their website or in your booking confirmation. Be sure to include all relevant details about your inquiry or issue.
  • Phone:
  • Secret Escapes may offer a customer service phone number that you can call for assistance. Check their website for the most up-to-date contact information.

Benefits, Features and Advantages Of Secret Escape

Secret Escapes offers several benefits, features, and advantages for travelers looking for exclusive deals on luxury hotels and vacations. Here are some of the key benefits and features of using Secret Escapes:


  • Exclusive Deals: Secret Escapes provides access to exclusive discounts and offers that are not typically available through other booking platforms. This means you can enjoy luxury accommodations at a lower cost.
  • Luxury Travel: The platform specializes in luxury and boutique hotels and resorts, allowing travelers to experience high-end accommodations and amenities without the premium price tag.
  • Curated Selection: Secret Escapes curates its selection of hotels and vacation packages, ensuring that each offer meets certain quality standards. This helps travelers choose from a carefully selected list of options.


  • Membership Model: Secret Escapes operates on a membership-based model. Users need to create a free account to access the exclusive deals, which helps maintain the exclusivity of the offers.
  • Search and Filter: The platform allows users to search for deals by destination, hotel name, or other criteria. Filters enable travelers to narrow down their options based on preferences like travel dates and budget.
  • Time-Limited Offers: Many of the deals on Secret Escapes are time-limited, creating a sense of urgency for users to book quickly before the offer expires.


  • Access to Luxury: Secret Escapes opens the door to luxury travel experiences for a broader audience by making high-end accommodations more affordable.
  • Savings on Travel: Travelers can save a significant amount of money by taking advantage of the exclusive discounts available on Secret Escapes.
  • Trust and Quality: The platform’s curation process ensures that the listed hotels and resorts meet certain quality standards, providing travelers with a level of trust in their bookings.

Experts Of Secret Escape

  • Secret Escapes offers exclusive deals and discounts on luxury travel, allowing customers to save money while experiencing high-end accommodations and services.
  • The website provides a wide range of options for travelers, ensuring that there is something for every preference and budget.
  • Secret Escapes curates its offerings carefully, guaranteeing high-quality experiences and accommodations for its members.

Secret Escape Conclusion

In conclusion, Secret Escapes is a valuable platform for travelers seeking exclusive deals on luxury hotels and vacations. With its membership-based model and curated selection of high-end accommodations, it offers several advantages to travelers:

  • Exclusive Deals: Secret Escapes provides access to exclusive discounts, allowing travelers to experience luxury without the premium price.
  • Luxury Travel: The platform specializes in luxury and boutique hotels and resorts, offering travelers the opportunity to enjoy high-end amenities and experiences.
  • Curated Selection: Secret Escapes carefully selects and showcases accommodations that meet quality standards, ensuring travelers have confidence in their bookings.